Data Protection Compliance in Lithuania & DPIA in Europe

Professionals of Demire Inc efficiently provide services that come with minimal interruption and solutions that are cost-effective.

Our professionals grant you objective assessment and a natural approach, without any previous knowledge of business systems. This type of impartial review of company processes gives you the advantage of gaining clients’ reliance and getting new contracts, because of the high-class services.

Our team consists of certified and professional data protection officers and experts of information security, who suggest deep knowledge of GDPR compliance business as well as estimate compliance of cyber security arrangements with managerial demands and IT framework.

Data Protection Impact Assessment 

The DPIA process is used when cases taking into account context, type, opportunities, and function of the process (usually when using new technologies) are likely to become a risk for the freedom and determined rights of a person. That is why the rating of data protection impact is made by the assessment of data protection for products of technology (especially the use of software or hardware for personal data processes).

It is now mandatory for companies and organizations to carry out Data Protection Impact Assessments before they systematically operate places, that can be accessed publicly on a large scale; use profiling, that is made systematic or extensive, that has significant effects; process criminal or special category data on a large scale. 

The quality DPIA assesses necessity, proportion, and observance measures, characterizes the scope, essence, context, and functions of the processes, classifies and estimates all risks to individuals and clients, and classifies all possible measures to reduce the chance of those risks.

Advantages of DPIA:

• Ensures that clients don’t have the risk of their data protection rights being infringed.
• Shows that your organization or company consents to GDPR.
• Integrates safeguards into the project at an early stage, which makes the cost and disruption of data protection reduced.
• Reduces all the risks of data protection in your company.

The costs of operations are reduced, by information flow optimization and elimination of redundant collected data and processes.

Demire Inc helps to:

• consult workers about Data Protection Impact Assessment carrying;
• conduct Data Protection Impact Assessment;
• reconsider and/or provide actions linked to Data Protection Impact Assessment.