Bank and Payment Accounts for Companies in Europe

Opening of a bank account in various jurisdictions

Due to the numerous facts related to money laundering in some European banks, regulatory authorities have tightened the procedure for opening accounts in banks and other financial organisations. Therefore, opening of a bank account is now a rather complicated procedure.

We have all the necessary knowledge and competence to open bank accounts in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, Switzerland and Germany.

After opening an account in one of the European banks you will get:

-       Remote account opening in your chosen country;

-       IBAN account number (International Bank Account Number) used in Europe and other countries of the world;

-       Remote account management via internet bank;

-       Linking to a payment card account;

-       Multiple currency account;

-       Insurance of client funds, in accordance with the unified insurance scheme for deposits of EU clients (client funds up to 100,000 euros shall be refunded in full);

-       Processing of payments of the companies engaged in online commerce (for example, e-shops);

Accounts for companies engaged in crypto commerce or providing services related to electronic money licenses.