Data Protection by Design & by Default

Privacy by design and default

Data Protection by Design

It ensures that the design of your projects was embedded with data privacy technologies and privacy functions at starting stage of a project. 

It's necessary to make sure that you match GDPR conditions and that individual rights are protected, by integrating safeguards to your processes of data, and that proper regulatory and technical measures are designed to implement data protection rules and principles.

This will make the privacy of your individual data better and less expensive. Protection of data by the design is the main approach to GDPR compliance, and bypasses a set of requirements.

Data Protection by Default

It makes service settings data protection-friendly, where the main points are:

• Only the needed data should be specified by the data controller before any start of the processes. Also, the data controller should only inform clients and process the data, that is necessary for the exact purpose.

• The data controller has to make sure that personal data is not reached publicly unless the client wants to.

• An organization has to make sure that only the info, that is necessary for a unique purpose is being processed by default settings and doesn’t need any interference of the client.

• The data controller should ensure that clients will be able to carry out their rights.

Demire Inc helps with operations of privacy by default and design to:

• give advices on how to develop policies, instructions of guidelines and work, that are related to protection of data. This will help with the enforcement of data protection by design and also default protection of data.