Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Services

At Demire Inc, our AML (Anti-Money Laundering) solutions serve as the keystone of your business's compliance function, providing robust financial crime prevention solutions in Lithuania and beyond. In the contemporary business landscape, upholding high regulatory standards and mitigating the risks associated with money laundering are imperative. Our dedicated AML team stands ready to assist you at every stage of this critical journey.

I. Comprehensive AML Solutions

1. Expertise in Handling Comprehensive AML Projects:

Leveraging extensive experience in managing substantial AML projects for a diverse international clientele, our AML team proactively addresses compliance issues. Through in-depth audits, consultations, training initiatives, and close monitoring, we ensure effective prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing (ML/TF).

2. Tailored Approach for Various Businesses:

Our services are designed to meet the needs of a diverse range of clients, with a particular emphasis on fintech companies. The AML team's diverse background, featuring Certified AML professionals, positions us to assist companies of varying sizes in establishing a robust compliance environment.

3. Former Regulatory Examiners on Board:

With the inclusion of former regulatory examiners in our team, we bring valuable perspectives to our commitment to anti-money laundering efforts. Their insights contribute to a holistic and well-informed approach to compliance.

II. Financial Crime Prevention Solutions in Lithuania and Beyond

A successful compliance function and crime prevention solutions are essential for the effectiveness of any business in the evolving business landscape. Collaborating with a multitude of financial institutions, our AML team has developed a solid expertise, particularly in managing the complexities of cross-border financial operations. This expertise positions us to assist companies of diverse sizes and complexities in achieving a stable compliance environment.

Financial Services Industry and Fintech Licensing in the Single European Market

Within the European financial landscape, where Fintech companies, electronic money institutions, insurance companies, Forex dealers, and banks operate, the focus on risk management and adherence to stringent regulations is crucial. Acquiring a license of a financial institution in Lithuania can unlock a wealth of business opportunities, offering entry to a vibrant European market known for its diverse and affluent customer base, and a wide network of international businesses.

By choosing Lithuanian capital Vilnius for obtaining a financial license, you gain significant advantages, as the fastest internet speeds in the region, access to a highly educated and multilingual talent pool, state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities, and a thriving business climate that is actively fostered by endorsements and supportive policies from the Bank of Lithuania as well as the Lithuanian government.

III. Scalable and Sustainable Solutions in Gap Analysis

1. Adapting AML Programs to your Growth:
During the expansion of the financial institutions, there is a need to review and strengthen the existing risk management and compliance framework. Our AML experts carry out in-depth audits and gap analyses to ensure that your AML program meets the evolving standards and regulatory demands, keeping your operations compliant and up-to-date.
2. Anti-Money Laundering Services and Our Approach:
Our AML services offer a comprehensive suite of solutions, mainly focused on delivering expert consultations across various domains, including AML, financial crime, sanctions, and GDPR compliance. Our consultative offerings are extensive, featuring:

• AML, financial crime, sanctions, and GDPR trainings

• KYC/ML/TF risk assessment

• Consultations on risk assessment and risk methodology

• Optimizing AML systems for efficiency and effectiveness

• Consultation on the regulatory landscape locally and though the EU

• Conducting specialized AML audits and compliance testing

• Retrospective reviews, ensuring past financial activities adhere to current AML regulations

With our comprehensive resources and expertise, we are fully prepared to guide our clients through the evolving AML landscape, ensuring a proactive and strategic response to new challenges.


Demire Inc's is your trusted partner, focused on keeping your business safe and compliant in a world of financial risks. Our expertise goes beyond the financial sector to help businesses of all types manage the complexities of AML regulations. Partner with us for scalable, sustainable, and tailored AML solutions that encourage your business towards excellence and ethical financial practices