Internal AML & GDPR Policies and Procedures

Inner AML policies help workers a lot because they are able to consult them at any time to be successful in their role in the workplace. It is a great way to avoid interpretations and set the level minimum.

Demire Inc helps to:

• draw up inner procedures, policies, and design management;

• analyze and make current policies better, as well as controls and procedures.

Some rules for creating good policies are:

• simplicity: documentation shouldn’t necessary repeat AML rules, but rather reflect your actions;

• accuracy and directness: do not use difficult words or constructions;

• goal: what will be the achievement of procedure;

• audience: who is meant to observe this procedure;

• timing: what, when, and to whom documents are meant to be given.

GDPR policies and procedures for banks and business in Lithuania

Concerning GDPR procedures and policies, they help organizations to keep up to regulatory observance commitments, reduce the data violation risk, stimulate confidence and reliance and make all subjects conscious of the processing of data in the organization.

Demire Inc can organize the major document package for processing of personal info:

• Actions of data violation control and report;

• Approach monitor policy;

• Controlling of information and communication technologies usement;

• Processing policies of candidates and personnel personal data;

• Handling of inner data privacy policies and actions, that are the main regulation of how organizations operate personal data;

• Privacy notice (external privacy policy). The document, that characterizes the collections, shares, personal data, uses, and retains of the organization and is meant for website guests, employee candidates, and customers;

• Other inner instructions and information related to the protection of data and info.