Due Diligence of Foreign Counterparties in Lithuania & Europe

Due Diligence (DD) is required for any company operating both within one state and when entering into a transaction with foreign companies. Entering the European market does not guarantee that your partner will be a reliable company with a good reputation. Due diligence of a potential partner will reduce your financial risks, help to assess the efficiency of cooperation, provide information about the legal and financial status of the partner - litigation, convictions of board members, problems with tax authorities and credit institutions.

 Due Diligence includes:

-  Check of all activities of the counterparty for legality;

-  Analysis of the commercial attractiveness of the planned transaction;

-  Timeliness, accuracy of execution and correctness of submission of reports to regulatory authorities: tax service, statistical and other organisations;

-  Determination of competitiveness of the company;

-  Assessment of reputation and competence of the board of the company.

We offer a wide range of services for the due diligence of foreign counterparties, depending on your intentions - a joint project, various commercial transactions, purchase of a company or other purposes. As a result, you will receive a legal document describing the counterparty, potential risks and opportunities to minimize them.