Decoding VASP In Lithuania: Unraveling the Role and Impact of Virtual Asset Service Providers

2024. 01. 18
Lithuania has become one of the most popular jurisdictions for activities related to virtual asset services amidst the growing prominence of the fintech landscape. But how do VASPs work in Lithuania? In this article, we will dive deeper into the concept of VASP and what it means in the Lithuanian context.

MiCA Compliance Essentials: Navigating the Regulatory Landscape for Crypto Assets

2024. 01. 05
Lithuania has been a target destination for crypto businesses – especially after the EU nations passed a law that will revolutionize cryptocurrency and blockchain forever. So, if you’re going to establish a crypto business in Lithuania, you’ll need to understand how the Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MiCA) will impact your operations. Read more to find out.

Obtaining a Crypto License in Lithuania

2023. 12. 04
The article discusses Lithuania's appeal as a favorable destination for cryptocurrency businesses, attributing it to streamlined processes for obtaining licenses, supportive government regulations, and European Union membership. It outlines the two types of licenses available for crypto operations, emphasizing the importance of compliance.

Poland Crypto Tax: The Ultimate Guide (2024)

2023. 09. 26
This comprehensive guide provides insights into the crypto-friendly environment in Poland, highlighting the country's flexible laws and a growing number of cryptocurrency owners. It delves into the regulatory changes, including the administration of virtual currency activities by the Register of Virtual Currencies, and emphasizes the obligations for businesses, such as obtaining a crypto license.

How to Get a Crypto License in Europe

2023. 06. 26
Learn how to obtain a crypto license in Europe with this comprehensive guide! The new MICA framework aims to harmonize crypto regulations among EU countries, making it easier for businesses to operate. Discover who needs a crypto license, the significance of MICA, and the steps to get licensed in Estonia, Lithuania, and other countries.