Crypto Exchange & Wallet License in Estonia

Cryptocurrency company license in Estonia

Estonia has created a favourable environment for doing any business by introducing e-residency services, as well as reducing the tax burden - corporate income tax is 0%. Bitcoin services in Estonia are not subject to VAT.

As in Lithuania, in Estonia it is possible to obtain a license for two types of activities related to crypto-currencies:

• Crypto Exchange License. The company gets the opportunity to engage in the exchange of digital currency for fiat, and fiat for crypto-currency, receiving a commission.
• Crypto Wallet Exchange. In this case, the company manages customer wallets (or rather keys from customers’ personal wallets) for storage of crypto-currencies.

After receiving a crypto business license in Estonia, a company itself can choose a field of activity, for example, doing only exchange, or providing all services at once. Consideration of an application for a license by a regulatory institution (Financial Monitoring Committee) takes from 2 to 4 months.

A company engaged in cryptocurrency activities, as in Lithuania, must follow a number of requirements, such as AML (anti-money laundering policy) and KYC (know your customer guidelines). Estonian FMC may also periodically request information about the company’s activities. In general, the same requirements apply to such companies as to any other companies registered in Estonia.

It’s recommended to register an Estonian company to obtain a crypto license, although in theory the license is also available to foreign legal entities.

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Our services:

• Crypto company license in Estonia with all the necessary documents;
• Preparation of all necessary procedures in accordance with AML and KYC;
• Obtaining a license of a provider of services for the exchange of crypto-currency and crypto wallet exchange; • Accounting services;
• Preparation of reports for the FMC of Estonia.