Crypto license in Poland

Poland, a thriving European Union country, welcomes activities related to virtual currencies with open arms. With the introduction of state regulation and the activation of the Register of transactions with virtual currencies, the Polish government ensures reliability and security in the crypto industry. Demire Inc, a leading provider of crypto license solutions, is here to assist you in obtaining a crypto license in Poland efficiently and remotely.

Benefits of Obtaining a Crypto License in Poland:

- Favorable Taxation: Poland's bilateral agreement with 84 countries eliminates taxation complexities, making it a tax-friendly destination for businesses.
- Rapid Development: Poland's booming economy presents exciting growth opportunities for crypto businesses looking to scale.

Types of Licenses Available in Poland:

In Poland, there are four types of VASP Crypto licenses:

- Cryptocurrency Exchange Operator: Enables trading between fiat and cryptocurrencies, as well as cryptocurrency-to-cryptocurrency and brokerage operations.
- Cryptocurrency Wallet Provider: Offers secure wallet services for storing cryptocurrencies.

How to Obtain a Crypto License:

Demire Inc simplifies the process of obtaining a crypto license in Poland by providing comprehensive support and ensuring compliance with local regulations. Here are the key requirements:

- Incorporation: Register a separate Polish entity (company).

- Bank Account: Open a local bank account.

- Policies: Prepare the necessary policies for virtual currency-related activities.

- AML/KYC Measures: Implement robust Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer controls.

Important Note on Reputation Requirements:

Founders, Directors, and Ultimate Beneficial Owners of the Crypto company must have an impeccable reputation, free from any infringements related to private ownership, economic and business order, financial crimes, civil service, or public interest.

General Requirements for Licensed Companies:

- Shareholders: At least one shareholder (individual or corporate body) with no restrictions on citizenship or residence.

- Management Board: At least one member (can be the same as the shareholder) who must be an individual, allowing foreign residents with no restrictions on citizenship or residence.

- Professional Experience: Demonstrated expertise in the field of virtual currencies.

- PESEL and Trusted Profile: Obtain a PESEL number and create a Trusted Profile for access to electronic services.

- Registered Office: The registered office address can be the same as the company location.

- Beneficial Ownership: Disclose details of beneficial owners to authorities.

- MLRO/Compliance Officer: Requirement for an MLRO/Compliance officer (provided as a service by Demire Inc).

Demire Inc's Services for Obtaining a Crypto License:

Demire Inc offers a comprehensive range of services to facilitate your crypto license acquisition:

- New LLC Company: Establish a new limited liability company in Poland.

- Remote Setup: No travel required for the licensing process.

- All-Inclusive Licenses: Obtain all four licenses: Crypto exchange (fiat to crypto, crypto to fiat, crypto to crypto, brokerage), and wallet.

- Government and Licensing Fees: Cover all necessary fees.

- AML/KYC Legal Package: Ensure compliance with Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer regulations.

- PESEL+Trusted Profile: Assist with the PESEL and Trusted Profile application process.

- Virtual Registered Address: Provide a registered address for one year.

- Compliance Services Consultation: Expert consultation on compliance matters.

Contact us today for detailed information and embark on your journey to secure a crypto license in Poland. Trust Demire Inc for quality and reliability.