Gambling License in Latvia

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Latvia is one of the countries with a favorable environment for registering a gambling company in Europe. To establish gambling activities in Latvia you need a license from the Lotteries and Gambling Supervisory Inspection.

The following types of gambling licenses are available:

• slot machine games;

• roulette (cylindrical game);

• card games;

• dice games;

• bets;

• totalizator;

• bingo;

• games of chance on the phone.

e-Cogra certification is a mandatory requirement for all license holders. Obtaining a certificate confirms that the gambling software has met a series of standards in terms of bonus conditions, payment schemes, deposit limits, and other key factors.

Other basic requirements for obtaining a license

Issuing a gambling license in the Republic of Latvia is subject to the condition that the gambling operator meets several criteria, including but not limited to:

• Register a company in Latvia in the form of a joint stock company;

• Open an account in a Latvian bank and deposit a paid-up share capital of at least EUR 1,400,000;

• The share of foreign shareholders in the authorized capital of the company capital does not exceed 49% (with the exception of EU and EEA residents);

• It is necessary to appoint a manager of the casino, gambling hall, or bingo hall.

The gambling license is issued for an unlimited period and is re-registered annually by the Inspectorate. 

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