KYC/ML/TF Risk Assessment in Europe | Compliance Solutions

KYC is a process, that continues all the time – the collected information always needs to be analyzed, and sometimes even improved. Also, you need to always control whether the information you collected, in the beginning, doesn’t differ from the present one.

It doesn’t only do the role of verification and identification of your customer’s identity, but it also does actions, that help you to know more about your client while collecting information about his contact details, address, and reason for precisely your company account. Most of the time, financial institutions form KYC questionnaires to get all the necessary info about their client. 

And only then comes the risk estimation, customer screening, and verification of data.

In order to have successful KYC or Customer Due Diligence your company has to:

• decide on-boarding system: remote or face-to-face;

• build a customer-friendly KYC questionnaire;

• announce Customer Relationship Management software, that would be beneficial and agreeable;

• build up a scheme to store information;

• build up transaction monitoring;

• design ongoing due diligence process.

Demire Inc helps to:

• organize Customer Relationship Management operating system, dealing with transaction monitoring, client on-boarding service provider, etc.;

• form KYC procedures and program;

• provide KYC questionnaire, which would be friendly for clients.