Crowdfunding Company Registration in Lithuania & Europe

Crowdfunding platform

With the development of fintech, alternative methods of financing are gaining popularity. One of them is crowdfunding, a funding system that relies on voluntary contributions from people. Having a good idea and creating a campaign using the crowdfunding platform, you can not only collect the amount necessary for implementation, but also attract like-minded people and potential customers. Unlike donations, in crowdfunding, contributors receive some kind of reward for their donation - tangible or intangible.

To conduct crowdfunding business in the EU territory, you need to obtain a consumer lending and public finance license. The term for obtaining such a license in Lithuania is 1 month, minimum authorized capital of a company is 40 000 euros.

Do you wish to obtain a license for crowdfunding business in the EU territory? Contact us and get professional consultation.

Our services:

-       Preparation of documents for obtaining a consumer lending and public finance license;

-       Registration of a company in Lithuania, with all the necessary documents;

-       Accounting, preparation of the necessary reports for your company for regulatory authorities;

-       Lawyer consulting;

-       Preparation and conduct of audit.