AML Division: EU Compliance & Data Protection Officers

AML team, with the help of the Compliance Officer, forms the second line of defense against terrorist financing and ML. The AML team is there, so in case other team workers skip the signs of Money Laundering or TF, they are working to analyze the client’s operations, collect unseen information and documents, and announce doubtful actions to FIU.

For such responsible work, the AML team and also Compliance Officer should be very experienced. So, employees' knowledge should be assessed and their reputation of work must be perfect and unbroken.

The main aspect of the data protection officer (DPO) position is to control compliance with the applied data protection regulations. DPO collaborates with the controller, makes sure that data subjects’ requests to have their personal data deleted or to see document copies of their personal data are implemented, and always makes sure that data subjects and controllers have information about their rights, commitments, and responsibilities of data protection and are aware of them, controls records of organizations’ data processing actions, helps by advising and recommending about application or interpretation of rules of protection of data, manages requests or troubles on request by the controller, the institution or other person(s), trains workers of an institution on GDPR compliance conditions, handle frequent evaluations and audits to ensure GDPR consent, & reacts to any failure, to stick up with the appropriate data protection rules.

All other organizations that are not legally compelled may freely and voluntarily assign the DPO. It can be chosen, whether the functions of the Data Protection Officer will be functioned by an external expert or an employee, as GDPR allows.

Demire Inc helps to:

• provide the services of a Data Protection Officer;

• set up specific training for AML team and Compliance Officer on AML / CTF topic;

• find personnel of AML Compliance;

• check the suitability of the role of candidates.