GDPR audit services in Lithuania and Europe

In order to estimate maintenance effectiveness, organizations have to practice frequent audits. In the event of violation or complaint, documented audits are material, because of their trusted effort and could help to bypass some fines.

The GDPR audit is performed using well-framed interrogatories, handling on-site interviews, visits, etc.

GDPR audit in Lithuania:

• Creates increased standard of employees’ privacy awareness;

• Reduces the risks, with the method of bringing out areas of weakness;

• Makes sure that all the actions are met by procedures and policies;

• Observes the area of high risk and possibilities for the efficiency of operations;

• Documents and demonstrates alignment for compliance desire;

Areas that are specified by the GDPR audit involving but not limited to:

• data protection policies, management, and actions;

• administration of personal data records processing activities;

• violation of data management and warning policy as well as linked operations;

• staff’s standard of practicing and privacy consciousness;

• vendors’ on-boarding process;

• data handling consents with data processors and data transmission;

• demands of personal data, including requests made by third parties, as well as appeals of individuals for copies of documents of their info;

• personal data security in technical and organizational aspects.

Demire Inc can:

• manage GDPR audit;

• help with questions on how GDPR audit is meant to be handled;

• develop and/or reexamine actions that are related to GDPR audit.