Company registration in Netherlands

Setting Up Your Company in the Netherlands: A Hassle-Free Process

Netherlands Company Register: Your Gateway to Success

Demire Inc welcomes you to the Netherlands, a land of business opportunities. Our expert team simplifies the intricate process of company registration, ensuring your smooth entry into the dynamic Dutch market.

Key Steps to Company Formation

Information Required for Registration

- To initiate your Dutch venture, we require specific details and documents:

- BV Setup Form: Fill out our BV Setup BV intake form and return it to us.

- Business Address: Ensure a registered business address. We recommend StartDock, Spaces, or Euro-Companies for compliant options.

- KYC - UBO Form: Complete and return this form, along with passport copies and utility bills for all UBOs.

- Tax Identification Number (TIN): Provide TIN and its confirmation document for each founder/foreign UBO.

Online Incorporation: Fast and Secure

- Remote Incorporation: Your BV will be incorporated 100% online through a seamless, secure process.

- Chamber of Commerce Registration: The BV will be registered with the Chamber of Commerce. They charge a separate €75 one-off tax.

- Tax Authorities Notification: The Chamber will inform you of your VAT number, aiding you in taxation matters.

- Bank Account Setup: We recommend BUNQ bank for your BV's banking needs.

- Nominal Share Capital Payment: Pay the nominal share capital (usually €1.20 or €120) to your company's bank account.

Answering Your Queries


How much does it cost to register a company in Netherlands?
The registration cost includes all fees for incorporation, except the Chamber of Commerce's €75 one-off tax.

Can a foreigner register a company in the Netherlands?
Absolutely, foreigners can register a company in the Netherlands with the right documentation and compliance.

How do I register my company in Holland?
Follow our streamlined process, ensuring all necessary documents and information are provided promptly.

Can I register a company in Netherlands?
Yes, individuals and entities can register a company in the Netherlands with proper adherence to legal requirements.

30% Ruling Requirements

Demire Inc can assist in your application for the 30% ruling, ensuring you meet the criteria:

- Minimum Yearly Income: €41,953 (or €31,891 for those under 30 with a Master’s degree in 2023).

- Valid Work Permit and BSN Number: Obtain these in the Netherlands.

- Employment Criteria: Be hired as an employee from abroad.

- Residency: Not have lived within 150 km of the Dutch border for more than eight months in the last 24 months.

- Overlap Restrictions: Avoid overlap between previous and new employment, ensuring no more than a 3-month gap.

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Demire Inc is your trusted partner in Dutch business endeavors. Let's embark on this journey together. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.